Shreyas Krishnan from Kings Chess Academy
Shreyas Krishnan from Kings Chess Academy

Shreyas Krishnan, an upcoming chess talent being trained by Kings Chess Academy

Kings’ Chess Academy has been a leading chess academy in proving young and talented chess players from India. Shreyas Krishnan is another talented chess player among them. A 7 years boy, getting training from Kings’ Chess Academy has reached a rating of 1022 in just 4 months.

In 2021, he has scored the top 3 places in 4 tournaments. The tournaments are as follows:

<> In FANTASTIC SCHOLASTIC he scored 2nd place held on 10 July 2021.
<> In JULY JOUST he scored the 3rd place held on 24 July 2021.
<> In GOLDEN PAWN SCHOLASTIC he scored 1st place held on 8 August 2021.
<> In THE GOLDEN PAWN II he scored 2nd place held on 25 September 2021.

Shreyas has been trained by our masters from the academy and has shown a brilliant dedication to the game. We are very much excited to have him with us and looking for more opportunities so that he can hone his skills.

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