Chess Sensation Aarav Sarbalia is India’s No. 1 in U10

Indian young chess prodigy Aarav Sarbalia attains an impressive rating of 1914, securing World No. 12 and Indian No. 1 position

Ayush had an impressive performance and secured 2nd position.

Ayush’s performance in the Chasing Checkmate tournament was outstanding, showcasing his skills and strategy

Akshobhya from our academy wins 2nd position

A great performance from Akhsobhya who competed against teams from all around the world in ISF WORLD SCHOOL TEAMS ONLINE CHESS CUP 2023

Richard won Washington Chess tournament and scored very well

Another great victory comes with Richard Wan in the recent chess tournament in United Stated. He secured a great score in the tournament.

Aarav from our academy reaches number 1 spot in India

What a great and exceptional moment for Kings Chess Academy as Aarav from our academy reaches top position in India. A master in making.

A splendid performance by young player Ayush in United States

An amazing win by Ayush in the Florida chess tournament. It was worth a challenge and a great performance by him and got cash prize

Young player Aarav Nambiar, triumphs 1st position in the USA chess tournament

A splendid performance by young Aarav in the recent chess championship in USA. The tournament was organized in Texas, USA.

Warmest congratulations to Akhil for an incredible win

A great win for Akhil with brilliant performance in the Alton academy 4 chess tournament. He played extremely well and it is a great win for his career.

A great day for our academy with 4 brilliant players, who show their excellent performance

They have performed significantly well and secured positions making our academy proud and trusted for learning chess.

Another great victory by talented Sadhika with a magnificent performance

Sadhika played brilliantly in recent chess tournament and it shows improvement. It was a challenging tournament for her.