Kushagra from our academy is now ranked 13th in the world! A moment of proud for us!

This is a story of an 8 years old young and energetic boy who is of German nationality living in Frankfurt and a talented student from Kings’ Chess Academy. This is about Kushagra Rohatgi who has made all of us proud and recently got a world ranking.

In recent tournaments, Kushagra increased by about 350 points which let him achieve the 13th rank in the world in the under-8 category. This also proudly made him the top german in the under-8 FIDE ranking.

Kushagra is a quick learner and he implements the strategies in his playing very confidently. He has been trained by the FIDE Master Mr. Saketh Pedagandham from Kings’ Chess Academy, one of the best chess training academies for kids in India.

To get more information about Kushagra visit the link at https://ratings.fide.com/profile/34603212/calculations

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