Congratulations to the State Under 11 Champion CH Karthik Sai

Ch karthik Sai, From Kings’ Chess Academy has performed to his best in Telanagana State Under 11 Championship held at Manikonda , Hyderabad. Winning a state championship is not an easy task, But Karthik has done with an ease with a round to finish. He is the solo one point lead in the tournament after 6 rounds. Starting as 3 seeded in the tournament, Karthik surprisingly finished 1st after winning a neck karthik under 11to neck game on the sixth against Sai Pranav Siddamshetty of rating (1553) and the second seed of the tournament. From the past 15 months since he joined our academy he has increase 233 ELO rating points. Its a real success to the team Kings’ Chess Academy. His hard work and his determination towards the game add a flavor to his success. All the best karthik sai for Under 11 Nationals, in which he has to represent Telangana state going to be held at Raipur next month.

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