Chess is a game played between two humans with 64 squares and 32 pieces in which there will 16 pieces for white and 16 pieces for black which include King (1), Queen (1), Bishop (2), Rook (2), Knight (2) and pawn (8) on each side.

A war is between two kingdoms in which the winner will conquer the kingdom of the looser. A king who leads the kingdom with his plans and all the execution will be done by the minister (Queen) who as the supreme power than everyone else in the kingdom next to King. There will be chief for the army (Bishop) of the kingdom who has ultimate authority of the army of the kingdom, he is the one who leads the army being in front of the opponents army. A part from this all the soldiers will carry their transportation on well build horses and elephants and these horses and elephants (Knights and Rooks) will also take a very active participation in war. Finally all the soldiers with their chief and minister and king on their elephants and horses defeats opponents forces and wins the war and conquer the opponents kingdom (Check Mate). At some point of time during war both the kingdoms send a treaty that they need peace and thus declares that war is adjourned with some memorandum of understanding between the two kingdoms (Agreed draw). Some wars ends so cruelly that all the people and soldiers their animals everyone will die leaving both the kings alone in their entire kingdom then there is no one to fight and there is no point of fighting with all the dead bodies beside them and there is no life in the kingdom. (Draw because of insufficient material to win). There will be many pits and traps by opponent to kill a fewer crowd around. So might give a trap of a soldier or a horse if opponent turns his attention to them they will conquer rest part easily (Sacrifice). In the serious war by thousands of soldiers one might under estimate a single soldier who cunningly go to opponent’s kingdom and try to conquer his opponent king (Passer Pawn). We should be careful with each and every soldier as we cannot underestimate anyone. If an arrow is released and if it is missed by a horse it can hit to an elephant which is little far away from horse (Fork and Pin).

There is a close relation between chess and war. In day-to-day world the concept of war is being extinct, expect few. But the ideology and strategies of war can be seen on chess board not to defeat the opponent but to have better strategies to be ahead of the world. Congrats to all chess players to be a part of this historic game and welcome all the readers of this article to the dynasty of chess. We are proud to say that better strategies are taught by our kings chess academy not in war but in chess!!


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