Impressive Achievement! Arjun Reaches 2000 in USCF Ratings

Congratulations to Arjun Malik and his proud parents and coaches for reaching a remarkable milestone in his chess career! Arjun has successfully climbed up the ladder in the US Chess Federation (USCF) ratings, moving from 1645 to 2000, all in just six months since he joined Kings’ Chess Academy, one of the best chess training academies.

This incredible achievement was achieved through his exceptional performance in the JANUARY 27 C4 QUADS (MD) Chess Tournament held in Maryland, United States.

Arjun’s journey towards success is a testament to his dedication, hard work, and the support of his family and coaching team. His perseverance and passion for chess inspire us all.

Link to Arjun’s Tournament Details: [US Chess Federation]

Wishing you continued success and many more victories in your future tournaments! 🙌💫

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